Friday, October 14, 2011

Better than Brains :)

You know what's scary? The thought that you might not know that it's finally Lancaster County Long Neck Pumpkin season at Capogiro!!! We're zombie crawling to our nearest Capogiro Cafes to indulge in our favorite spooky seasonal selections. What's that? Too terrified to leave the security of your candle lit, garlic clove covered home to come out for a treat? Have no fear, you can order your favorite flavors here without any danger of losing your brain in the process.

Lancaster County, Bite-you-in-your-Neck Pumpkin -  Local, Longneck Pumpkin from our favorite PA farmers. Tastes like pumpkin pie in a pint and there's nothing frightening about that!

Creepy Clementine - Don't be fooled by its size, theres a whole lotta sweet citrusy flavor in this tiny package. Super seasonal. 

Cioccolato Black as my Soul Scuro - She's the black widow spider of our Chocolates. A triple-threat cold hard killah... Dark, rich and serious.

Zombie Flesh Kiwi- Your favorite hairy, scary fruit... (minus the hairs and it's really not that scary, unless of course you're afraid of deliciousness.)

Shrunken Heads & Sweet Cheese (Apple Mascarpone) - You'll lose your head for this savory selection. 

Bobbing for Eyeballs, Apple Cider - Our kitchen's spiced, seasonal brew of cider sorbetto! A Capo classic. 

While flavors last!!!

Click HERE to to order/fend off the beastly pangs of zombie hunger...

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