Friday, October 14, 2011

Gelato is an all the time food

So you know how a couple years back Sesame Street introduced the "cookie is a sometime food"? Ok but, have you seen the video?!

Because it cracked me up. Give me a dancing, singing, jazz-hands fig every day of the week.

The other day I was working at 13th Street and nearly got into a full-fledged argument about how NO SERIOUSLY I SWEAR THIS STUFF ISN'T BAD FOR YOU I PROMISE. And you know? She didn't believe me. Not after seeing the numbers, the facts, me sweating blood and bullets swearing on every family member I hold dear that there's no hidden calorie count that makes this stuff so delicious. She was mostly hung up on the sorbetti.

"So there's dairy?"

Me: "Nope! No dairy. Just fruit, sugar and water!"

Customer: "No, that's ridiculous, there has to be dairy. I mean it's so much more fattening than ice cream."

Me: "Nope! It's actually way better for you than ice cream! And our sorbetto is fat free! And did I mention what a pretty dress that is?!"

Customer: "Don't lie to me"

Ok it didn't actually degenerate to that degree, but it did get pretty serious. I'm not even sure I convinced her so much as wore down her defenses, then won her over in the end with pure deliciousness, in the form of our new chocolate sorbetto. This might damn me to eternal Italian hell, but seriously have you HAD the chocolate sorbetto with lemon? It almost brings me to tears! The good kind!

Sometimes life is just hard. And short and trying and tiring and RAINY OH MY GOD LIFE IS SO RAINY. And every single time I'm starting to feel the slough come on, food brings me out of it. Because life's too short for bad food. Gelato is good food. Bacon is good food. Soul food. Something that makes you warm, is encouraging, feels special, was grown or produced in a way that's unique and beautiful. It's pretty much the most important thing to Capogiro. That our customers are being treated well, with good food and happy things. I know it sounds sentimental, but I'm not sure I can break it down in any other way.

This guy can though.

So this brings me to my point (yes! I have one!) The Brain Trust behind Earth Day has concocted FOOD DAY! The actual date is October 24, so start planning now (it's my new Thanksgiving), but the Food Trust has organized two weeks of happiness to bring awareness to our new holiday. And more events to come, from what I've heard. And we're just going to do what we always do, and feed you the happiest things we can find. If you see me, I'll be wearing this hat

And even though the whole point of Food Day is to spread awareness of sustainability, obesity, hunger, and eating locally, it should also be about eating the best you can. In the happiest ways.

Oh, and listen to this song.

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