Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Forecast is Dark and STORMY!

Earlier this afternoon two nice older ladies came in to have gelato. They perused the case for a minute or so before the hungry one chirped up:
"I'd like a small Dark and Stormy please".
"Would you like a second flavor in there with the Dark and Stormy?" I asked.
"No," she replied politely but firmly, "just that one."
"What a wonderful woman!", I though to myself. Dark and Stormy is in my top 5 flavors of all time, so I pretty much want to hug anyone who appreciates it as much as I do. Well hold your hugs, I should have told myself. Just hold 'em.
I began to shape the first lovely scoop of sorbetto when the woman started frantically waving and saying "No! No, the Dark and Stormy! The dark one!". I stopped, mildly alarmed, and gently indicated that I was indeed scooping the flavor she had asked for. She looked at me with pure consternation and then shuffled a few steps over and said
"Oh, I guess I wanted the dark one, it says Chocolate with Hazlenuts? Bacio?. That's not the Dark and Stormy?"
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!? Lady. For REAL?!
In my head: "Nope, no it's not. No, those aren't the same, dear woman."
I scooped her a piccolo Bacio while she whispered a few sentences to the friend she was with. On her way to the register, I saw that the look of consternation had returned to her face.
"Why's it so light then?!" she asked "I don't get why it's called Dark and Stormy if it's so light!"
I kindly explained that a Dark and Stormy is a deliciously mind-blowing beverage containing ginger, lemon or lime, and rum (and sometimes ginger beer), and that we've turned it into an even more delicious, toe-tingling sorbetto. She listened, but didn't seem to agree.
I gave her her change and thanked her, and on their way out the door cheerily said "Thank youuuu, it's delicious!"
Silly old ladies. Bacio is incredible, but in my book, it's just got nothing on Dark and Stormy.

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