Friday, October 7, 2011

World Wisdom from 13th's Very Own....

Your friendly midtown village 13th St. Capo barista (Nelson) has embarked on a major tour of the French Riviera, Italy, and Spain for a taste of what Europe has to offer. On my travels I stumbled upon an array of gelaterias that I’ve decided to write about in order to compare with what we have back at Capo. Here is what I found.


Let’s talk about Cannes France.

 It is one of the most popular cities in the French Riviera and for obvious reasons. It is home to France’s major film festivals, it is a major tourist attraction, and it is a host to many businesses and industries that cater to those with a taste for fine wining and dining…and gelato, right?

On my travels I came across a cute and quaint gelatoria right in the center of town.

“Crema di Gelato” offers about 15 flavors, half gelato and half sorbetto. First and foremost, the gelato doesn’t just swirl in the pan, it literally is a mountain that rises a good foot right out of its pan. I asked the guy how he was able to keep the gelato so high without spilling over and he told me, “well it’s all about keeping it very cool while constantly spinning it as you pour.” Right. Either way I was absolutely amazed at its presentation and the sheer amount of the gelato that could be hacked at.

I ordered Stracciatella (Italian Chocolate chip) and Dulce the Leche (Caramel Swirl) with a complementary waffle crisp.
It was sweet.  Actually, a little too sweet. I could not eat the whole thing. Although it was still delicious, the consistency wasn’t as creamy as what I had imagined it to be. I think the fact that the owner kept the gelato at such low temperatures to hold a lot in the pans may have affected the gelato’s texture.  Overall it wasn’t bad but I wasn’t enthralled, maybe Italy has something more to offer. Maybe France should stick to Crème Brule’s, Bavarois, and Crepes…bummer. Oh, well. More to come!

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