Wednesday, October 12, 2011

England and the Very Bad Hair Day at 20th Street

As you are aware, everything has gotten very British at Capogiro as of late. We are carrying delicious British Candies (namely Cadbury Double Decker bars, Bounty Bars, and Kinder HappyHippos), with more to come. We are also cleverly boxing up Grab and Go Sandwiches in a very British style, and we are listening to the Cure almost nonstop. It's a British Invasion!! Today we are also experiencing lovely English weather. Crisp and balmy, with smatterings of drizzly rain. Perfect for a cuppa tea or a nice slice of our new Bundt Cakes.

Sadly, whilst I'm thrilled to bits about all of the British influence at Capo, it has done a number on our baristi's hair. Here are a few examples to highlight how tragically bad everyone's coiffures look underneath their hats...

(From top left) I look like the ghost of Justin Bieber is trying to eat my face. Andy appears to have been attacked by a flock of seagulls on his way in. Little Kami obviously had her hair cut by a blind man with a butcher knife (actually as it turns out, it was cut by her boyfriend). Assistant Manager Ryan was off today, but came by after camping all night at City Hall. As a side note, apparently none of us know how to integrate color into our wardrobes either. Oi!

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