Friday, September 30, 2011

Hey, do you like sandwiches?

'Cuz y'know, we've got a buncha new ones! One of the suggestions we've gotten from you, loyal Capogiro regular, is that you'd really like some Capoawesome that travels a little better. So we put our head together (Trust that there are plenty of days when we collectively have one--MAYBE--head among all of us. "Dizzy good" is a lifestyle, dontcha know.) and came up with some really tasty, healthy, classic versions of sandwiches and then found these great boxes to pack them up in. ( which to pack them up? Get off my back, I'm scramblin'!)


So. CapoAwesomeWich. The boxes legitimately, truly keep what's packed inside fresh for a few hours. Grab one in the morning and it's ready to nom at lunch, wherever you are! And simple! Egg salad, tuna salad, know. Lunch staples. But WE'RE making them, so you know they're delicious, with ingredients as local as we can find them. And healthy! They're all coming in at not much more than 400 calories, if you're playing along at home.

Know what else is awesome? Mulled wine. It's about that time, don't you think? Sarah's whippin' up a batch as I pound out this post. (Someone asked me once if I was mad at the keyboard. NO, I said. I JUST TYPE EMPHATICALLY.)

And all this other new stuff! Candy hippos! Candy from Britlandia or somewhere! The bundt cakes (still so good)! We've got new beer on deck at CapoPenn! Am I kinda shouting? I took some cold medicine this morning and I'm a little loopy!

Anyway. Your video for the weekend, per Sarah's request:

Tom Waits has a new album on the way! I'm as giddy as a Jockey Full of Bourbon!

We'll see you soon, yeah?

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