Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Capo Has a Crush, it's Serious

When you combine true food love with true local love with one brilliant kitchen willing to try anything once, you wind up with beer gelato, concocted using Dogfish Head's best and brightest flavors. When Wendy, our local Dogfish rep, calls me breathless saying "SARAHYOUGUYSGOTTAMAKEGELATOWITHTHIS!", I know it's serious. And guys, this beer is crazy amazing. It's got a huge ABV, firstly, so at 10.5% you know it's going to be flavorful from the get, but what really shines is the mint finish. They used 100 lbs. of organic mint from Green Grocer, a local and sustainable produce distributor based out of Washington, DC. The mint flavor comes in at the end, once you've been courted by the initial stone fruit and chocolate notes. It's a serious beer to get through a glass of, but if you're into barley wines or doppelbocks (or the ever elusive trippelbock), then you'll be right at home with it.
What're we gonna do with it? Make it awesome. You know what else we're gonna do?
With Punkin Ale gelato.Cause we love you. We might even have a crush on ya. They'll both be hitting the cafes this weekend, just in time for the Midtown Village Fall Festival! Hooray! Beer for everyone. Sort of.

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