Friday, September 9, 2011

Apropos of nothing more than it being Friday...

Hey you know what's great on a Friday? Beats. Beats and non sequiturs. Sooooo...


Damn. Y'all feel that? (Would have been funnier more promptly after the earthquake. Oh, well. MOVING ON.)

--Dude, that shirt must have been REAL expensive, 'cuz it sure is ugly.

--Hands down the best bolg (sic) about the Phillies: I Want To Go To The Zoo With Roy Halladay.. Give a brother some page views and admire the MS Paint masterpieces! And the gifs. Can't forget the gifs!

--Know what this post needs? The Beastie Boys. Obviously. Let's go old school!

The bemused Mariachi band just slays me.

--So you got the memo that Steph's been lurking in the kitchen again, yeah? SOUP'S BACK! Which we're all thrilled about. BUT! She also came up with these new blackberry+almond+oat energy bars. Tasty? YOU BET! Healthy? OF COURSE! Weird stuff in 'em? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE? COURSE NOT! Totally all natural, with ingredients you can pronounce. Come and git 'em quick, 'cuz they're flying out of here!

--Is this mostly a disjointed stream consciousness as I run up and down the stairs to my office to type ideas in as they occur to me? No WAY, dude! TOTALLY not.

--Hey, maybe we could show a little more restraint with the cologne there, huh guy?

(Real talk: I've never actually liked this song.)

--Where has my comforting gray murk gone?! There is some new yellow orb in the sky, and it's gaze is like fire on my skin! And the heavens! They are BLUE!

--You know, this whole concept was working better this morning. Let's just wrap it up with this:


If it weren't for nonsense, I'd make no sense at all. Have a great weekend everyone! Come say hi!

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