Friday, May 3, 2013

We're nuts about coconuts! (And it could be that I'm leaning too heavily on that particular naming convention)

It's funny, I never really liked coconut anything before I started working for Capogiro however many moons ago it was. Definitely one of things for which I developed an unexpected appreciation. But ever since I've been here, our Thai coconut milk gelato has been one of my standbys. A coconut-bacio frappe is sort of a staple to fix my head when I'm having a weird day.

And again it's been one of those opportunities for me to learn more about the food we serve...because what IS a coconut, anyway? I mean, it's pretty clearly not a nut. Right?

Right! It's definitely a fruit. A drupe, to be taxonomic about things, so a coconut has more in common with a peach than you might think. And we're not kidding when we say it's Thai coconut milk--this is one of those instances when we insist on a particular ingredient, same as with the pastes for our nocciola and pistachio gelati.

I sorta wish we could say that we're getting pounds and pounds of fresh coconuts in from Thailand and smooshing them to extract the milk ourselves...but I can't. It'd take A LOT of coconuts to yield enough milk for us to get you your gelato every day. Besides, we've got so many other wicked good flavors to make every day that there's only so much time we can spend obsessing over any one flavor.

S'anyway. Coconut gelato is for sure one of our staples, and it's definitely a go-to for combining with any of the sorbetti. Or scuro. Or Madagascar Bourbon vanilla. Or any of them, really. Could be that I'm a little hungry and lacking decision-making prowess right now.

It could also be that this whole post was an excuse to share this video, but I feel like I'm pretty blameless here. I mean, Harry Nilsson in a gorilla suit? Necessary on many levels. Regardless, it's gonna be a beautiful weekend. You're coming in, yeah? We'll see you soon!

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