Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Smurfs are HUGE in Italy

A few weeks back, my Italian friend, Lorenzo, was paying Capogiro many compliments. He says we are all so nice and good to our customers. We have fresh and delicious panini and the best coffee (he has to say that because he works at La Colombe). We have all the authentic flavors he loves from home, except for one. "Puffo," he says to me. "It is blue. Like the Smurfs. You should make it."  Now there ain't nothin' natural about that color, so I told him he shouldn't hold his breath.  But if he does, he'll turn blue, and maybe that will suffice. I kinda didn't believe him until I looked it up. Puffo is the Italian word for Smurf, and the gelato can be marshmallow, bubble gum, or liquorice flavored depending on where you go to get it. I was in Italy for six weeks, all over that friggin' country, and didn't see this! Total bummer, man.

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