Thursday, May 30, 2013

Polarization is fun!

So we've got the tamarindo sorbetto today, and it got me thinking that some of our flavors are definitely an on-or-off deal for a lot of people. As in, either you really, really like tamarind's unique, sweet-tart-sour flavor or you think it's completely over-powering and weird. Myself, I like it a lot! Especially with our Thai coconut milk gelato, but I think all of our sorbetti go really well with the coconut, which might speak more to my appreciation of our coconut milk than anything else.

And since my brain tends to wander down roads all by itself if I'm not paying attention, it (somehow) occurred to me that mayonnaise is sort of the same way for people. Again, I'm a big fan (and sometimes even slip over to the dark side that is Miracle Whip, if you can believe that).'s true. Even though I've railed against the phenomenon of heavy duty mayonniase...secretly I think there's nothing better for a burger's bun. (It's because the fat in the mayonnaise protects the bun from getting soggy! Also, because fat.) And of course I've got a soft spot for our own extra virgin olive oil mayonnaise. But there are for sure plenty of people who can't stand mayonnaise, and not in a little way. I guess it's the jiggling when you see bulk mayonnaise? Or...something? I mean I think it's the cat's pajamas, so I can't really figure why anyone wouldn't like it.

More than anything else, when I think about our more further-afield flavors like tamarindo, it comes back for me to making sure you're getting out of your culinary comfort zone every now and again. Alas, I was going to suggest (perhaps again) that it's high time you tried your first oyster, but I'm of the old school and lean towards laying off the wee molluscs molluscs until we get some Rs back in the months, but then again maybe that's a wives' tale. But maybe go find yourself some offal? If you can find an oxtail poutine, it's definitely on the amazing side. Granted the only place I know of which makes it is Animal in LA, but it's worth the trip. But eat something that you think is weird this weekend! It (probably) won't kill you.

Speaking of polarizing...

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