Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We are gelato artisans, which means we associate with pretty artsy people.  Recently, I learned of one of our long distance customers has a particularly artful way of recycling our gelato-tasting spoons.

Artist Lucette White, based in Gloucester Massachusetts, never misses a chance to visit Capogiro when she finds herself in Philly.  And it's not just for our delicious gelato.   White, who is known for her "Works in Gold" uses our spoons to mix her gold leaf.  She explains:  "For my paintings,  I have to use powdered gold leaf in very small quantities.   These spoons are the perfect size to blend the powder with the paint and not waste any materials."  She adds, "Of course I love the Bourbon Vanilla Gelato, so there's a double benefit to stopping in!"
Below are some stunning works by Lucette White that Capogiro gelato helped shine like gold!!  We are just so pleased that our community of customers is so talented and creative!

<3 Tori

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