Friday, May 24, 2013

A customer looking over our new Salty Road salt water taffy, in adorable packaging you'd expect from a company based in Brooklyn, asked me about the bergamot flavor.  My Becca brain thought, "It's that Earl Grey stuff." But my customer service mouth SAID, "Let me find out for you exactly." I knew it as an orangey citrusy lemony thing, and I figured Lord Grey must've had a good reason to put it in his tea.  It has many therapeutic uses for afflictions from which I can only pray to the Lord that the Lord did not suffer.  A little tumor caused by a fungal infection anyone? How bout vitiligo, lice, or parasites? Apparently, therapy was not the reason for bergamot's inclusion in the black tea blend. Taste and a touch of deceit had more do with it.  Some say the bergamot oil could mimic the flavor of more exotic and expensive Chinese teas. Others claim it was a special blend prepared specifically to counter the preponderance of lime in the water where Mr. Grey lived.  He was not tumored nor riddled with lice, but whether he was a cheap bastard or lived near some gnarly water has no bearing on the fact that bergamot is a truly special aromatic that adds a zesty freshness to the salt water taffy. AND Salty Road put it in the cutest of all their boxes!  It's that pink one second from the right!

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