Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tunas: not actually fish(es)!

Cactus pear sorbetto is back! It's for sure one of our favorites. It's sweet and (I think) kind of mellow and just right for this kind of weather.

And what's up with the tuna thing? That's what you call the fruit itself. "Cactus pear" refers to the entirety of the plant, dontcha know. The edible part? THAT'S your tuna (or tunas, if we're talking about more than one). Of course people do eat the pads of the cactus too, and they're called nopales (sing: nopal) which I share only because "nopal" is kind of a great word.

So who knew? We can turn kinda dull, sorta prickly little orbs:

into this wickedly colored, totally refreshing sorbetto:

(It's that one in the back, kinda hiding. Tough to pick out, I know.)

We're super-diligent about picking out the spines, by the way. (The glochids, as Sean discovered.)

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