Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glochid Free Gelato is on the way!

What are glochids you might ask?  They are also known as "the pricklys" on cacti.  Why is this blog post about cacti you might ask?  Because my friends, we will soon be having cacti sorbetto.  To my wonderment, I discovered a box of prickly pear cacti fruit that had just arrived from the warehouse at work this morning.  To those of you who are unaware that cacti fruit exists or that it is edible, let me tell you this: it exists and it is edible and there is a boxful of angry prickly cacti fruit ready to be magically transformed into wonderfully cool, happy, and smooth sorbetto this week at Capogiro on 13th street.  Keep your eyes peeled because these sexy little mexican fruits can be having a fiesta in your mouth very soon.  Finally a way to enjoy cacti without getting pricked.

This is how the cactus looks in the basement, with the prickles:

This is how it will look in your mouth, minus the prickles:






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  1. I see those cacti growing wild in the NJ Pine Barrens.