Thursday, July 12, 2012

We're definitely deep into it now...

So it's for sure summer. I always know when there's a particular slant of light in the morning and a specific tone to the bugs' buzzing in the trees. Most of the eastern US has a similar sound this time of year, from West Virginia to Vermont to Philadelphia and Delaware. Which makes me surprisingly nostalgic, actually! Got a text from my sister the other night that my niece wouldn't go to bed yet--too busy rocking out to a They Might Be Giants cd. I responded with something like "yeah, and it's only 8:15! The sun's still up, of course she doesn't want to go to bed!" Summer. Am I the only one that feels more in touch with their inner four-year-old in July and August?

So we're definitely rolling in wicked good fruit. All your neighborhood Capogiros are going to feature the Bluecoat Gin and Blueberry sorbetto all through July, both as a shout-out to Fair Food Philly because they're our kind of people but also because, while we'll tell you that we have many favorite flavors, the Bluecoat&Blueberry really, really is one of them. So good. You know us, we like our berries boozy! And the rumors about raspberries are running fast and wild from our Big Kitchen out to our Not-Quite-As-Big Kitchens, and we're pretty excited.

So! Summer. The "new" of this summer has worn off, the gnarliest heat has passed through for the time being...these are the good times.

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