Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrity Sightings at 20th Street

Capogiro has always attracted an A-List crowd (I'm talking about you, Michelle Obama), and recently we've had a couple more celebrity sightings at 20th Street. Actress Carla Gugino (of Sin City and Watchmen fame) was in a few weeks ago inquiring about sorbetto. She is working on a new show with Sigourney Weaver, whom Capogiro got to serve gelato to at a special event!

However, as big as these names are, it was a small-time actor that got the baristi at 20th Street in a tizzy. A large group of friends came in the other Friday night and the 20th Street staff couldn't help but stare at one guy. It was Rufio from the Robin Williams' movie Hook, all grown up! Yes, gen-Yers, Dante Basco was in Capogiro eating gelato with his homies. It was all we could do to hold ourselves back from yelling "Bangarang, Ruf-i-oooh!" Barista Joe had the brilliant idea to serve him an empty cup and tell him to imagine there was gelato in it. I did not let him. If you are too young for this movie, I apologize as this probably makes no sense whatsoever to you. However to us, it was a magical night.

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