Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Lovely Day!

What a beautiful summer day!  I spent a good portion of today riding my bike all over town.  Thank god the heat had broken for today because if today was like Saturday I'd probably be a shriveled piece of leather on the side of Chestnut Street.  I went from home to our 40th St. store then all the way back to the S. Philly Best Buy to replaced my frayed and finally dead laptop charger :-(  Then back to 13th St. to sling gelato for the evening.  I was excited to see Sugar Plum Sorbetto was waiting for me upon arrival.  It always makes me think of Christmas and with this heat I'll take any reminder of winter and snow I can get.  Sometimes I can't believe that a place can have such extreme differences in weather from season to season.  All because of a little tilt of the Earth.  I think I might be rambling on a little bit.

John Malkovich looking badass on a sweet wood handled bike.  
I totally looked this awesome on my bike all day....I swear.

If you are a regular at Capo13 then there is a good chance you might know our happy, smiling Whitney.  She's been away from us for a little while due to a knee injury but she made a brief return this week and part of last week to prevent stir-craziness and because we all missed her and bugged her to come visit.  She is going in for surgery to fix everything up all nice so she can walk and run and frolic with us again.  So If you see her this week please be sure to share your well wishes with her and for a speedy recovery and I'm sure that she will share her beautiful smile with you in return.

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