Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A rough start

So today seemed like a nice enough day (though quite hot).  I got to sleep in a little bit today before starting my 4:00pm shift and I left my house early so I could have a relaxed ride in.  Or so I hoped.  I usually shoot straight up 13th St all the way through South Philly and for the most part the ride is typically uneventful and drivers seem to be getting better in regard to bicycles being on the road.  Well some people are just plain rotten for no reason though and today when I made it to Bainbridge I saw a guy walking kind of on the edge of the road and it crossed my mind to watch out for him so I gently steered away from him and as soon as I leveled with him he ran out and tried to kick the bike out from under me.  I was shocked and immediately furious that someone would do something so dangerous to me without any reason whatsoever.  I managed to stay upright and followed him and gave him a right good scare before heading back toward my destination.

Now I'm at work and some coffee and gelato have brought me back down to my normal happier temperament.  It was very nice to see we have Blackberry Gelato (Mora) today and that made me smile right away.  It's one of my favorite summer berry flavors.  And after a rather long hiatus Sea Salt is back and ready for the masses to come mix it up with their favorite chocolate and nutty flavors.  We're in a heat wave people!  Stop by and enjoy the chilly A/C and creamy deliciousness that is Capo13.

PS- Yesterday I received a text from Whitney (see the adorable young lady pictured above) who wanted to let us all know that her surgery went very well and though she's in a bit of pain right now she's very excited to finally be headed towards recovery.  We all wish you a very speedy recovery and can't wait to see your smiling face back in the shop.  Keep on practicing that guitar you'll be awesome in no time. 

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