Friday, July 6, 2012

Everybody complains about the weather...

but no one ever does anything about it! Something my sister says whenever there's an unpleasant climatic event. Never really was sure what it means. And listen, obviously we all know it's real hot. It's on the early side of the morning as I write this, and it's already 112 degrees. (I don't think I'm exaggerating, but I just walked the dogs and man, it is repugnant outside.)

 Whenever it gets this hot, I have to fight the urge to plant my face into a pan of gelato. Seems like the Thai Coconut Milk would probably be the most refreshing--and great for your skin--but I wouldn't bet against Champagne Mango. All in all, I promise I won't smash my face into the gelato, though. Well. I mean, I won't smash my face into YOUR gelato.

 So do come in. Usually I advocate strolling with your gelato, but these days I'm going to counsel that you stay in our air conditioning for a bit. Have some water. Chill for a bit, in other words. It seriously is just stupid hot out, and I think we should all just keep things on the mellow side.


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