Thursday, July 19, 2012

Too awesome to have a name yet.

So, we're CapoPenn, right? We're the ones way out there on the bleedin' edge of booze+gelato creations. I mean yeah, all the Capogiros are featuring Bluecoat Gin+Blueberry sorbetto right now, which is plenty awesome.

 But us? We're the cool kids that bring the booze to the party. Well..ok, we can't really bring the booze TO the party. PLCB, they're not especially flexible. Rules, and laws, and whatnot. But if YOU come to US, we've got all the adult-oriented gelato-tainment you can handle, and now we're working on something new. So new we haven't even really come up with a proper name for them! But you've had our frappes, and you know how important a walkin-around frappe can be when it's been a gerjillion degrees (except for today! Who knew?! 1:30 in the afternoon and it's only 78 degrees. IT'S A COLD SNAP, MA. FETCH MY MITTENS, I GOTTA BRING IN THE COWS A'FORE THEY FREEZE.).

RIGHT, back to the frappes. Have you ever found yourself drinking a Thai Coconut Milk frappe and thought to yourself that...maybe it could be even better? Coconut...what goes well with coconut...OH RIGHT. RUM. Yeah, man. Little rum spun into your frappe and you're living on the right side o' life, my friend. I like dark rum with the coconut myself, though there's a fair contingent of the staff who thinks that white rum is the way to be...takes all types, of course. Not everyone's palate is as exceptionally refined as mine.

Stracciatella with a little creme de menthe? Heck yeah, that's a big kid's mint chocolate chip milkshake right there. Dulce de Leche with a little bourbon? Like a whiskey-infused caramel. I could go on. But come on in and talk to one of our bartenders. We'll find you some right tasty combinations. Seriously: adult milkshakes. They're time has come. And that time is now. And it's Capogiro Time.


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