Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What rhymes with spider and is not as scary?

Cider.  Apple cider.

Speaking as an apple cider connoisseur, Capogiro’s cider is premium.  It tastes like they liquefied the perfect fall landscape, heated it up with some autumn spices (we can add cinnamon and/or nutmeg if you'd like), and served it to you in a mug.

Ironically, I am a barista that dislikes coffee, so I am particularly excited to sip on some cider at work.  For all my fellow non-coffee drinkers out there, come in and enjoy a cup of steaming hot cider.  In our part of town, there aren’t many changing leaves, but there are plenty of fall fashions making an appearance on our corner.

Come in, sit by the window, order a piccolo zucca (pumpkin) gelato, and enjoy a cup of steaming cider to fend off the chill!  Maybe even add a dollop of dulce du leche (caramel swirl) to your cup to make it even better!!


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