Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So long, Sandy!

Well, we all survived Hurricane Sandy here in Philadelphia, and are wishing the best for our friends in New York and New Jersey in this soggy, dark time. We closed a little bit early on Monday but were back on Tuesday to sling gelato and pull espresso shots for the brave souls who ventured out into the fray, and were actually nice and busy last night. Thanks for coming out of your houses, Philly!

What got me watching the coverage leading up to and during the storm were all of the crazy Photoshopped pics people were creating to make the storm seem like the end was nigh for NYC. One Twitter user even cheated and just posted a photo from The Day After Tomorrow, with the Statue of Liberty engulfed in torrential waves. Although I do have to admit, this shark swimming through the waters off of the East River is pretty freakin' cool..

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