Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Party Weekend in Midtown Village!

Midtown Village’s Fall Festival surrounded Capo13 this Saturday (I mean the festival literally took place right in front of our doors) and boy did we make a lot of tipsy party people happy.  The streets were flooded with extremely ‘festive’ folks celebrating Octoberfest and we were happy to serve up tons of gelato for the festivities.  The crowd favorite seemed to be our Sweet Potato Pecan Praline gelato closely followed by Zucca.

On Sunday, Outfest (an awesome gay pride block party) was right down the street and although it was rainy, there was a lot of energy on the block and we could hear the party from inside Capogiro.  After my shift was over at four, I meandered down the street with my friend Alyssa to check it out.  There was literally gaiety all around; cool vendors, interesting foods, live performances, happy people, and drag queens strutting their stuff.  The atmosphere was welcoming and exciting.

Both fests were something to see, and if you missed either or both of them this year, be sure to attend them next year!!  These kinds of festivals really represent the growth and cultural development of our Philadelphian Community!!

- Tori

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