Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another of those instances wherein I've changed my mind

So I have to admit that after being subjected to one too many Thanksgiving helpings of candied sweet potatoes as a kid (they looked a lot like this:)

I definitely developed a pretty strong aversion to anything sweet potato. Fries, mashed, whatever up there...not really for me. For sure some of my favorite tippling locations pride themselves on their sweet potato fries, but they've always left me pretty underwhelmed. They're never as crispy as I'd like, and they seem to be more centered on being sauce delivery vehicles than most other appetizers. All in all I'd really rather just have, you know, a fry.

But then there's this:

That's our sweet potato pecan praline gelato, and it's pretty well entirely turned me around on the whole sweet potato experience. Definitely one of our prettier gelati, what with its powerful dark ribbon of praline twisted around the pastel hue of the sweet potato. It's another of our best flavors like tahini or avocado that do an awesome, unique job of balancing sweet and savory. And, of course, it's a flavor that you're not going to find at one of those establishments that deals in nonsense like fudge-covered peanut butter-filled pretzels or whatever. Know what I mean? You know what I mean.

And it tastes like fall in the best way. It tastes like the color of turning leaves smells. To me, anyway. It's here now! Hopefully it'll last a couple weeks; it pairs with our mulled wine really, really well. So come stop by!

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