Thursday, September 6, 2012

The newest new thing that we're new-ing up in here (new).

You know us. We're always looking for something new and cool to offer to you. We were out front on the artisanal lollipop thing before it was cool (Capo13 has a bunch of them if you've got an oral fixation to address!). Wicked awesome lil bit spicy jalapeno chips? Yeah, we were there first, too. (By the way, it's totally coincidental that these two artisanal delights are from Seattle and Stowe, Vermont, respectively. Has nothing at all to do with me having been a cook in both those towns over the years. Nope. Totally not related. Swearsies.)

So now, given that CapoPenn is everyone's favorite gelateria with a bar, we're hooking up our train with Spodee Wine from White Mule Farms in New York. Spodee is a unique, fortified wine that's sort of a throwback to old recipes for...well. For humble, Depression-era hooch, really. They can explain it better than I can, so watch this for a hot second:

They're fun folk, them Spodee people. So what's Spodee taste like? Well, awesomeness, for one. But it's also a little sweet, a little herbal, a little syrupy--in a good way. And definitely a little boozy, which speaks to the inner Bukowski some of us harbor.

What can you do with Spodee? Shoooooo...what CAN'T you do with Spodee?! (I mean, don't go mopping the floors with it or anything. It's versatile, but that', why would you DO that? Little insulting. Come back to me, brah!) Our favorite so far is for sure a Spodee and Chocolate frappe, with just a wee-bit of Luxardo Maraschino liqueur to round things out a little bit. And we'll be featuring it all weekend if you're of a mind. But Spodee and Sodee (erm, Coca Cola)? Yep, that's an instant classic. I actually like Spodee and seltzer, myself. Little light, little's good stuff. (I have a soft spot for drinks that are both refreshing and boozy.)

Yeah. Summer's over in West Philly for sure. We're bumpin and grindin and back to doing our thing. We LIKE busy! So. Git on in.

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