Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gelato Jokes

On Sunday afternoon the staff at Capo13 is feeling as beautiful as the weather.  We thought of a few corny riddles and jokes and we wanted to share them with you!   You might not get them if you’re not a regular!

1.) What does our Anacardi gelato say when it sneezes?


2.) Where does Sesame Seed gelato go on vacation?


3.) What did the Aranciata Sobertto say to the vegan?

Orange ya glad I’m dairy free??

4.) What did the customer who had burnt sugar, marshmallow and nutella say?

“I want s’more of that!!”

5.)  The sandwiches in the display case were bored, so what did the other sandwiches say to the vegan sandwich?

“Hummus a tune!”

So there you go, you may not have lol’d but we did when we came up with them!
Come in and tell us a joke of your own, we love to laugh!

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