Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scaling Whipped Cream Mountain and Other Adventures

      We here at Capogiro are nothing if not unreasonably generous (wink, wink), and that's why our panna is complimentary.  Customers see our "Free Panna" sign and shout "What's panna?" "Who's panna?" "Why is panna in prison?!"  Well, folks, panna is whipped cream, and he's totally innocent.  The burning question among us kids that work here, though, is whether it should be sweetened or not.  Is panna still panna if it's sweet? Some say whipped cream is NOT sweet and that sweetening it constitutes a name change.  Chantilly cream is sweet, but does that mean it's NOT whipped cream?  Should our sweet panna be called panna Chantilly?  What is whipped cream if not a delicious sweet topping to make your espresso, hot chocolate, and gelato taste even more delicious? If a cream falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear head hurts.  Whatever you wanna call it or however you wanna eat, it's just good, right?  I mean, if we want to be technical, whipped cream in Italian is panna montata, but that's just a mouthful.  Apparently in 16th Century Italy, those nutty Humanists called it milk snow (neve di latte) and that's about the cutest darned thing I ever heard.

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