Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm Fall-ing hard

They're heeeere! Fall flavors are rolling in, along with this awesome hoodie weather (thanks Tuesday Monsoon!). Today is the first day for Zucca (Pumpkin) Gelato, and it's oh so amazing. Also on the menu today, we have Coquito (Vietnamese Cinnamon with Coconut and Rum), Bourbon Butterscotch, Burnt Sugar, and my personal favorite, Pear Sorbetto with Wild Turkey! Seriously, what could be more scrumptious for your palate? As Sean blogged earlier, Fall is the best time for flavors at Capogiro, as well as the greatest time to stroll through Center City. Arts abound in Rittenhouse this week, and we've been seeing people from all over in their sleek fall fashions, coming in for some savory treats or warming up with a hot espresso drink. Best of all, everyone seems to be super laid back and relaxed that the summer is finally over. Come down and people watch tonight with us in our outside seating. If I were you, I'd get the Pear and Butterscotch with a double shot on the side.

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