Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The International Experience

The diversity of Philadelphia and it’s tourists is best observed by working full time at a Center City café in the summer.

People came into Capogiro from places that I have never seen, only heard or read of , speaking with accents so beautiful and interesting to listen to.  American, Italian, French, German, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, Australian, Austrian, Russian, and so many others. These people from every corner of the world came into our café from this summer’s heat looking for cool and refreshing gelato.

At Capogiro, I offer samples of multiple flavors to every customer that comes in.   
Rich flavors like Cioccolato Scuro, fun flavors like Single Malt Scotch, traditional flavors like Pistacchio, and unexpected flavors like Avocado.   I get rich customers, fun customers, traditional customers, and unexpected customers.  One of the reasons I enjoy my job so much, is that the samples I offer are different everyday and the people I serve are different everyday.  In other words, there is always something new to taste, to try, to experience.  I enjoy conveying those different experiences to my customers.  More interesting though, is the samples that I receive back.

For every gelato sample I give, I receive a sample of culture in return.  I receive snatches of native languages, glimpses of exotic fashions, understanding of generations, and insights to ethics.  But no matter how diverse, every single person falls in love with Capogiro Gelato.


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