Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Fall of Summer

The demise of summer is in the air, which means our summer flavors are leaving with the geese.  But don’t be sad, the hibernation of the summer flavors only means that our fantastic, fall flavors can step into the spotlight!  During these next few months Peach and Watermelon are leaving us, only to be replaced by Squash and Apple. 

Personally, Fall is my favorite season for weather and for food.  The weather is perfectly cool, leaves are falling, pumpkins are growing, and cider is stewing.  To fit the season, Capo starts serving gelato flavors like Zucca (longneck pumpkin), Butternut Squash, Sweet Potato with Pecan Praline, Eggnog, Molasses, Chai Tea with Milk, and Earl Grey.  We also have new sorbetti like Mele (apple), Apple Cider, Pear, Cardamom, and Carambola (star fruit) and Orange. 

Eventually, we’ll start up our soups and hot beverages.  Some of our soups include Carrot Ginger, Red Lentil Farro, Minestrone, and Split Lentil Farro.  Fall hot beverages include Hot Chocolate, Cioccolato Caldo (a thicker, Italian-style hot chocolate) and my all-time favorite, Apple Cider. 

The summer sun will be gone before you know it, so make sure you stop in to hang out with your favorite flavors one last time before they hibernate.  Keep an eye out for our fall flavors towards the end of September and on!


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