Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jon Stewart deserves his own flavor.

So, Jimmy Fallon AND Stephen Colbert BOTH have their own flavors of ice cream (made by a very nice company that we need not name...).
It's not to say that we don't think Stephen and Jimmy are deserving, (although, we took a vote and decided that a Questlove themed ingredient should've, at the very least, been a predominant influence in Jimmy's flavor BUT, we digress.) Wait, no we don't.... Jimmy, we love you. We think you're great but, you're more like that high school friend that we hung out with every night in hopes of catching a glimpse of his hot older brother slayin' the drum-set in the basement.

As for Colbert... THAT prima-donna TOTALLY bumped into our very own Saint Stephanie Reitano skiing once and didn't even KNOW that he was in the immediate presence of a real live Philebrity... Not to mention he didn't even have the cojones to ask for her autograph. Phhpht...

Furthermore, we think it's absolute malarkey that Jon Stewart wasn't the frontrunner in this dessert themed frenzy. After all John has done for Stephen... and Jimmy AND AMERICA. To think of the HOURS that we waste devote to enriching our minds in the office watching Daily Show clips..... to send Jon off, bat in hand, with his tail between his legs and no cream dream crown upon his glorious head... well, it was just too much for our hearts to bare. No delicious dessert for our fearless leader of fake news?! Not on our watch, sister.

So without further delay.... we proudly introduce not one but, TWO Jon Stewart inspired flavors of gelato that we're trying desperately to get to someone from the Daily show. If we get in, we'll totally sell it at the stores but.... we sorta kinda have to have their permission. (Our lawyer loses so much sleep over our shenanigans...) We think these flavors do Jon justice, as he does justice every night to the good American television viewers, all in desperate need of honesty, laughter and more fresh, local produce. Bless you Jon Stewart and we hope you like Halvah. Halvah from Russ and Daughters! Your favorite!


  1. Lorenzo is camping out tomorrow at their studios. Kamala has picked up a Daily Show hoodie from Philly Aid Thrift for him to wear. Do you think it will clash with his shoes?

  2. what about the "Daily Scoop with Jon Stewart"?
    it could be with Stewart's (or any other) root beer and vanilla (in reference to his last name).
    other wise, i think your ideas are funny.
    good luck with the lawyers from the daily show and or the company not to be named on this blog.