Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grilled Cheese, a Spellcaster's Dilemma

Much like the dragon, grilled cheese is a hot crispy foe that has to be dealt with carefully. Many a wizard has felt the sting of failure when faced with this legendary beast, but thanks to the efforts of a group of youths working at a gelateria in south philly, taming the grilled cheese might become a reality for people who don't even have powers. Wouldn't that be something? No more relying on super humans and spell casters to provide for the helpless masses!

Pictured above, popular superhuman, spider's man, attempts to slay a dragon to obtain the grilled cheese it's guarding.

In a great display of courage and valor these heroes blend cheese and bread in a way that would make many a sorcerer's beard tremble. Made with care and grilled to perfection on their shiny new panini press, then magically treated with who knows what kind of incantations these are surely some of the finest edibles available to the average South Philadelphian. With the Passyunk scoop shop open for business again and this hot treat on the menu literally everything anyone could ever want is contained within this cozy location. The best part is you don't even need a magic staff to access it.

Even beast-children love a hot cheese now and then.

Throughout the ages people have always wanted grilled cheese, but most are not willing to face the life threatening situations that arise in every attempt at obtaining it. In solving this dilemma Capogiro's own Passyunk scoop shop is a beacon of hope for all cheese wanters, cheese likers, and cheese seekers lucky enough to discover it. So, put down the wizard's scroll you're probably reading this on and come see us for the safest and most delicious cheese experience of your life!


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