Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ataulfo (God Bless You!) Mangos

At 13th street we make enough noise when we catch wind that mangoes are coming back, that you likely knew it weeks before we had mango in the case. I know mango is a fairly common frozen dessert flavor all over the world, but I really and truly have found nothing that bests the Champagne Mango sorbetto at Capo.

Ataulfo mangoes (which we'll now refer to as Champagne mangoes since that's what we call 'em at Capo) are full of surprises. They have a light yellow-gold skin and a deeper gold flesh. If you've ever cut open a regular mango, you know that that damn pit is huge, and sort of disappointing considering there's so much potential for more fruit under the skin. Champagne mangoes have a beautifully thin pit. Seriously, they're smaller than their standard mango counterpart, but you're getting the same amount (if not more) of fruit with the little guy. Aside from their wonderfully sweet and tangy flavor, Champagne mangoes are awesome for the following reasons: they're high in vitamin C, high in dietary fiber, high in natural sugar (so don't get your skivvies in a bunch), and have been known to improve moods upon consumption of any product starring their deliciousness. Ok, that last part was embellishment, but I believe it.
Anyways, come by (any store, but 13th is reeeaaaally cool) and have some Champagne mango sorbetto. It's ok if you want to pair it with something, but it does hold its own like nobody's business ;)

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