Wednesday, March 30, 2011


BEARS! They have run rampant at Capogiro! They are terrifying, monstrous, and... DELICIOUS!!??? What kind of BEARS are these you ask? None other then Blissingers own gourmet gummy pandas. These mouth watering organic edible animals have overrun CAPO and they are not going anywhere! I called in animal control last night due to BEAR related worries but they told me I was crazy and there was nothing they could do. So there is only one way I can think to deal with this delicious problem.

Bear-Nana split

(a fun take on a classic dessert)
Fresh Champagne Mango Sorbetto
Fresh Avocado Sorbetto
Fresh Blood Orange Sorbetto
Fresh Banana
Finally! Calm, passive, and delicious BEARS. The fresh sorbetto combined with the fruit is a refreshing and fantastic way to subdue BEARS. All of the textures and flavors work so well together so these BEARS cannot help but be happy. I bet animal control would find me a little less crazy if they tasted one of these bad boys.

Capogiro, home to fresh ingredients, fresh ideas, but most of all...

(Barista/BEAR expert)

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