Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rainy daze

I love the rainy days of summer.  Don't get me wrong I love the beautiful sunny ones too but the rainy days give us all a chance to slow it down a tad and relax a little bit more.  They're the perfect for watching some movies with a pint of your favorite gelato. 

I get the idea that a lot of people feel like on a nice day they are required to complete some task, to make sure they have actually done some thing that day to make it qualify as a real and complete day, especially in the summer.  Maybe this is just part of being in the rat race.  I don't think it's really a bad thing.  Motivation is what gets things done but sometimes everyone needs a break from feel compelled to go out and feel like it's ok to just relax.

That is why I appreciate the rain. When it's rainy people are more inclined to allow themselves to slow down. 
Why rush my way through the store just to go back out into that mucky rain to be splashed by passing traffic?

Oh it's raining I'll just stay in a read or spend time with my dog (or cat/ferret/goldfish/tarantula/magical unicorn/dragon/or whatever other pets you might fancy having).

I also really enjoy riding my bike home at the end of the night when it's warm out and raining.  I love the quietness of the road after midnight while it rains and the clean smell in the air.  I'd prefer not to be rained on on my way IN to work but the trip home has the promise of a warm shower and fresh clothes at the end of it.  Followed by a nice scoop of chai tea gelato that I try to keep on hand as much as possible. 

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