Thursday, July 4, 2013

Oh hey there!

Uhhhhhhhhhhwhut're you doin' here?! It's the Fourth of July! You should be grilling things and throwing things and drinking watery beer (between the heat and the holiday, I really am advocating for a super-light pilsner or lager) or maybe looking for a shady spot on the Parkway where you can't hear the inoffensively mild-mannered pop stylings of John Mayer! But you! Kind enough to stop by the blog. I know you're really just killing time until The Roots go on. And the fireworks are so LATE tonight! Hey all your Capogiros are open all night tonight! It IS hot out, but it's that good kinda hot that lends itself to walking around. Come stop by, we'll be here.

Bonus extra video shenanigans because it's a holiday and my friend tossed it up on Facebook for a multitude of reasons that we'll not be getting into but anyway! Still better than John Mayer...

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