Thursday, July 11, 2013

Better Living Through Keeping Chemistry Out of It

How sad is it that we are so accustomed to flavor enhancers, extracts, and "natural flavors" that a taste of our banana gelato elicits responses like, "Wow! It tastes like bananas." and "How do you make it taste so real?" It tastes real because it IS real. I mean REAL real. Not just "natural." There are, like, four ingredients.  Have you every looked at an ice cream ingredient label in the grocery store?  There are at least 10 things there. Preservatives, flavors of various origin, added color, and sugar, sugar, sugar. Did you know that the product label "All Natural" has no real definition by the USDA or the FDA and is therefore just a marketing tool? It's like the 90s fad of "Lite" snacks that contained the fat substitute olestra with that minor side effect of anal leakage. Just shovel as much as you want in your mouth cause it's leaking out the back. Blech.
          Rest easy. There's no chemical engineering here. The banana is made with bananas, blueberry is made with blueberries, the cherry is made with cherries.  We blend the fruit specific to each batch every morning. If you're here for breakfast you can hear the whirring of the blender, the chugging and slurping of the batch freezer.  It's kinda like the tinkering and toiling you imagine in Santa's Workshop or the Mines of Moria (nerd alert). That is not a comment on the stature of our kitchen staff either.  They are magical, but they are not elves at the North Pole or dwarves in the Lord of the Rings.  They are regular humans of average height using regular food that came right out of the earth.

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