Thursday, July 18, 2013

This isn't actually an admission of wrongness.

as much as that might cause Sarah to give me her over-the-glasses look. BUT! I've discovered peaches. Peaches are good! It's probably relevant to point out that I was essentially the last one in the northern hemisphere to discover Mumford and Sons. When I said as much on Facebook, one of my friends pointed out that M+S have been the soundtrack of essentially every espresso cafe in America since 2009 or so and noted that maybe I was somewhat behind the times. But hey, when you show up late to a party, you get to make an entrance!

S'anyway, peaches. They're kinda great! They first showed up in our kitchen last week and, being curious, I gave one a squeeze--strictly in a professional sense. I was wondering how ripe they were in case they were going to need a couple of days before they were ready to gelato-ize.

So I squeezed one smooshed, just ever so delightfully and tastefully. And there was something about that little bit of give that actually got me to turn the corner. I'd always been kinda down on peaches. It was the fuzz that turned me off, mostly. Which is weird because I'm one of those people who cheerfully eats kiwi without peeling them (I'm thinking the kiwi thing is one of those quirks that are best left off of my Ok Cupid account). And...I dunno. The way with so many peaches (and most stonefruit) where the pit never separates cleanly from the flesh? Something about that has always made me a little mad, like I wasn't getting all of the fruit that I deserved.

But then at some point in the last couple of years, I finally had a real, perfectly ripened, appropriately in-season, non-GMO peach. And it was pretty good, but it wasn't until last week that I really, really became a convert. I finished up putting away all the goodies we got from our Big Kitchen, found myself one of the more perfect (they were all pretty perfect) out of the thirty or so pounds of fruit we'd received (it takes a LOT of fruit to make sorbetto and gelato as good as ours, dontcha know), and took a bite.

You know that moment people talk about when a perfect peach kinda explodes all over their face in the best possible way? I totally had that moment. And of course once you've had an epiphany you have to share. So I told my baristi that they each had to eat a peach--Kait was especially stoked, she's definitely been reveling in all the wicked good fruit we've been getting ever since strawberries marked the beginning of our season. Annnnnnnnnd then one of our old crew came by to say hello for a minute and I knew I had to give him one. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd then one of my old managers came by with her husband, so of course I had to give each of THEM a peach, too. It was right about then that I realized I needed to ease up on giving away all of our peaches, else we end up without any with which to make gelato.

So peaches. Who knew?! Alrightalright, everyone already knew. But you should come in and have some anyway.

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