Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The heat is here.

       Summer has officially arrived on the calendar and DAMN ITS HOT... and then HOLY COW ITS POURING AND THUNDERING... and then ITS FREAKIN' HOT AGAIN!!  Mother nature keeps heating us up and hosing us down and the Philadelphia skyline is either blinding us with reflected sunlight or completely invisible behind a thick soup of humid rain clouds.  Man oh man.

Here’s a shot I snapped on my boyfriends iphone riding into the city yesterday... It had been bright and sunny with no trace of grey two minutes before!!

In brighter and cooler news, berries are back!! Well, not all of them, so far only cherry sorbetto, blueberry and strawberry gelato and sorbetto have made an appearance.  We’re still waiting on raspberry to appear later in the summer.

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