Friday, June 14, 2013

Hooray for Dads!


       I've always felt bad for dads on Father's Day. It's always seemed like an afterthought, a make-up for the grandeur of Mother's Day. It's like Mother's Day brunch is a thing, but what do Dads get? Probably to have to barbecue their own damn dinner while their ungrateful children wait impatiently to be fed. Because what other ideas do we have? Here's a....tie? er... some barbecuing utensils? The point is we, the end products of Dad's "love" for Mom (hopefully), are lazy. We don't appreciate Dad. We sing Mom's praises, get dressed up, drink mimosas with her and tell her we wouldn't be who we are without her.  Then a month later, Dad gets a pat on the back and the small comfort in knowing the attention he IS paying is keeping his teenage daughter from being a slut. 
        So let's give Father's Day a thing. How 'bout Father's Day gelato? I know Dads like ice cream because mine ate a cereal bowl full of it every night after dinner.  It wasn't until I started spending the night at friends' houses in middle and high school that I realized just how exorbitant his portions were.  It's like, geez, save some for the rest of us. I realize now that because there were seven kids, he must have been thinking, geez, I gotta eat ALL of this. NOW. Before they do.  So this Sunday, bring Dad to Capogiro. There's plenty of gelato for everyone. We don't have cereal bowls, but our grande size comes pretty close.

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