Thursday, June 20, 2013

People. PEOPLE. I know we've been over this, but you gotta keep your eyes open! They're trying to deceive you! Big Food, that is. They're sponsoring an award and then giving it to themselvesThey're making their, uh, "meat" look more "real" but still spiking it with who knows how many different kinds of corn (and salt--don't forget the salt). And they're teaching you how to become diabetic, becoming diabetic themselves, and THEN SHILLING FOR A DIABETES MEDICATION (not gonna link to that one or Sarah'll yell at me--SEO and all that, y'know).

So, just a gentle reminder? We make real food here. We know our cows (and almost as important, the guy that tends them). We know the people that make our bread and our bagels and our chocolate...

Wait did you catch that one? We've got our Love Bars back! Super excited, it's honestly, genuinely, truly some of the best chocolate I've ever had, and they're totally our kind of folk.

Not gonna let the weird Big Food people keep me down. Gonna have some strawberry stracciatella and think about cows. 

Totally on a Steely Dan kick late. Deal with it! <puts on sunglasses, runs off to find a margarita>

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