Thursday, June 13, 2013

"It's just a little rain."

Well that was a fun morning, huh? Little bit of a shower? A wee drizzle?

No, not really. It was pretty darn torrential here in West Philly (the best Philly). Seems like it's maybe passed for the time being, but who knows what the afternoon's going to bring. I don't think we're out of the woods yet, Ma! Better keep the cows in the shed!

(cows in a shed)

It's pretty likely that this is our new norm, weather-wise. Given the whole global climate change thing, we should probably all adjust to it. Can't just huddle in bed curled up with your kindle every time it rains, no matter how much you (I) might want to. I learned this for sure while I was living in Seattle--if you can't face the day every time it's a little gray and oozy out, you'll miss out on pretty much 8 months of every year. 

Thing is, Seattle has this insurmountable reputation for being incredibly rainy...and it's just totally undeserved. Name any location on the eastern seaboard you can think of, and it probably gets more rain than Seattle. It's true! Philadelphia alone gets five more inches of rain in an average year. It actually hardly ever, like RAINS in Seattle. It just sorta...oozes. For months. Which is kinda grim, admittedly. 

So I left Seattle and came to Philly, and I'm walking to work one day and it starts to rain. I knew it was coming, so I was prepared like a Seattleite--baseball hat, waterproof shell, and a sturdy backpack. 

I got totally drenched. Soaked to the bone. There was actually water, like FALLING from the sky! Not just sorta lurking around in an ominous, mood-setting mist. I was totally unprepared and had clearly forgotten my east coast roots. I texted my sister, with whom I lived in Seattle and who had also just moved back east: "DUDE, will I totally lose all my Seattle points if I cave in and get an umbrella?!" "NO WAY DUDE," she wrote back. "I gotta get one too! S'weird!"

Luckily people are INCREDIBLY FORGETFUL when it comes to umbrellas--in our store, anyway. I've never had to buy one! We do hold on to the nicer ones for a few days before commandeering them, just in case someone does remember that they've abandoned their bumbershoot. 

So to sum up: it's gonna keep raining, probably today and definitely in the future. You can't just mope away rainy days, or else you'll miss out. So do get yourself a legit brolly, else you'll miss out on all our awesomeness, like the untold varieties of strawberry flavors we're cramming into our gelato case on the daily right now! 

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