Thursday, June 20, 2013

Para Bailar La Bomba

Many times I've been making a drink on our beautiful La Marzocco FB80, custom painted in Capogiro orange, and hear exclaimed behind me, "What is that?" To my relief I turn around every time to find a gleeful customer perusing the gelato cake freezer and zeroing in on the La Bomba.  This cake is round and covered in coconut. It calls to you from across the room like a toupeed tortoise shell. There is no horror or shock to behold, just pure awe and wonder.  "Is it hollow?," they ask.  "Tell me that's filled with chocolate!," they implore. It's not hollow, and it could be filled with chocolate if you like.  We also have the baby version, La Bombita. It's a single person portion, but I suppose you could share if you're feeling really generous.  They are currently filled with strawberry tarragon sorbetto, so good luck with that generosity thing.

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