Thursday, February 14, 2013

We're nuts about bananas.

We really are! We use 'em in everything, dontcha know. Granola coppas and fruit cups and loose fruit and oatmeal with bananas and Nutella and of COURSE the myriad gelati we make with 'em.

(Just in time for Valentine's Day, of course.) Obviously we love our banana flavors. Chocolate banana is a staple; you'll see it a couple of times a week. Banana stracciatella if you're REALLY lucky. Bananas Foster and banana with dark rum...all of 'em good. Wicked good for the frappes, too! Especially with bacio, but I'm a sucker for any frappe with bacio in it, really.

It sort of goes beyond that for us, though. "Bananapants" can mean a lot of things around CapoPenn. Store's busy as all git-out? We're bananapants. You want to do what with the cocoa powder? YOU'RE bananapants. And we're healthy folk, so we'll each grab a banana and eat it out of hand more often than you might think. And there's a re-occurring character on our dry erase board named Captain Bananapants...sorta wishing I'd gotten a picture when I saw him last. He'll be back; he's one of our mascots. If you're wondering what our dry erase board tends to look like (it's usually at LEAST 17 percent work-related, I promise), this is about par for the course...

(The CapoPandas are permanent. Kaihly touches them up every now and again. And I'll not divulge who the pretty flowerpot is.)

So really--are you eating enough bananas these days? Are you sure? I mean, they're real good for you, obviously. You should come see us, we've got a TON of ways in which we can banana up your day. And you know what they say! A banana a day keeps, that joke's fizzling. Happens to the best of us. We'll see you soon!

(There's probably another blog post titled "We're bananas about nuts" somewhere in the future.)

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