Wednesday, February 27, 2013


The weather has been grey and gloomy (for what seems like an eternity), but Capogiro13 knows exactly how to cheer you up! NEW PRODUCTS!! Here’s the scoop! (hahaha get it? scoop like gelato scoop...)


We know that our vegan population must truly be suffering in this weather (I heard vegans live off photosynthesis...) so we had our new baker whip up some vegan delights.  We have two different flavors:  Chocolate Espresso Pound Cake and Banana Date Pound Cake!  They are both tasty, I have already eaten enough CapoVeganCake to put Capo out of business.


For all you other people who aren’t vegans, we made you some new cake to eat too. The regular flavors are: Green tea with lemon glaze, Beet-Orange poppy seed with orange glaze, and Carrot buttermilk with cream cheese glaze.

Obviously our cookies are amazing and needed no editing.  What could we possibly do to make them better? So we just put them in a bigger stack with a pretty bow :)  They seem even more delicious than before.  We have a new flavor too!! In addition to our existing Chocolate Chip, we have a Peanut Butter Variety too :)

So don’t let the weather make you all grey and boring, come to Capogiro, eat our colorful, bright gelato, and try our happy new products !!!


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