Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet Shamus...The Super Baker!

We have been making various baked goods at Capo for years.  We love baked goods, but we just never gave it our full attention and never met demand at any of the cafes.  We would start and stop, start and give up.  I get itchy during the winter and started to dream.  Wouldn't it be great if we had someone to just kick ass in that department?  We needed someone with talent and passion and who was dying to run with it and who we liked.  I put out an ad. Wow.  Double Wow.  The response I received was crazy.  I interviewed some wildly talented people.  Enter Shamus...  I wish I could say it was only his talent, but it was his bow tie that won me over.  I kid.  For the record, I am a sucker for a bow tie, but it was his passion, his ideas and his sense of humor.  He loves what he does, had great ideas, and would amuse me.  I like to be amused.

Shamus has worked at some fantastic restaurants and in his words wanted to try something new and was "ready to have the whole city taste my goods!"  So are we and so should you. This week at Capo, we are introducing Shamus' goods.  Sounds delicious, no?  His famous super moist and delicious buttermilk carrot tea cake slices will be available, vegan chocolate tea cake, vegan banana date tea cake, lemon poppyseed tea cake, tender tea cake, green tea tea cake.....  more will be arriving as he gets his legs under him.

Cookies are in the house!  Crispy Chocolate Chip, Chewy Peanut Butter and Vegan Cherry Walnut to start.  He plans on introducing Mexican Wedding Cookies.  John had a lovely high school girlfriend (hate to say it, but she was so nice) who's mom made these taralle cookies with a lemon frosting.  He is going to take a stab.  We have all our cookies available in 1/2 pound bags and in our Emergency Cookie packs (2 cookies).  For those in the know, they are called Emergency Cookies because when I am somewhere with my kids, one will say, whine really, "Mooooom-muh, I am starving!"  They will look around in a panicked, pained way.  I reach into my bag and pull out a pack of cookies.  I have them in case of emergencies.  Starving teenagers constitute an emergency in my book.  So when you find yourself starving, or annoyed, or craving something sweet, but you don't want to overdo it or spoil dinner or have teens who are unbearable when they are hungry and you need the whining to stop, get yerself some EMERGENCY COOKIES.  You're welcome.

Brownies, both chocolate and chocolate peanut butter made with housemade peanut butter. These brownies are dense and rich.  Blondies.  Remember those? Yup, TWO different blondies.  We have a Chocolate Chunk Pretzel Blondie and a Peanut Salted Caramel.  Sweet and homey and reminds you of granny.  A hip granny.

Energy Bars made with oats, coconut and nuts, both Vegan and not.

We are incredibly happy that Shamus is now a Capogirian.  Come into the cafes!  Check out his goods.  We are just getting started.  Tons of new products are on the horizon.  I am a little nervous, as I want to eat it all. So far, everything has been delicious.  I just ate all the buttermilk carrot tea cake edges.  Not too sweet, a little tangy with tons of carrots.  It was delicious.  They are being delivered today to the cafes.  Welcome home Shamus!

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