Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Our gelato case is bursting with icy pink love!  In honor of Valentines Day, our dedicated, ever-smiling kitchen staff (Natalia, Juana, Sofi, Vanessa, and Mariela) have been churning out bright pink sorbetti and carving the fruit into hearts!!  The case has never looked more adorable :) Our gelato and sorbetto are made in-store, bright and early, every morning by our kitchen staff, the beautiful unseen faces of Capogiro! These women do such a wonderful job and are so dedicated to bringing you the quality and beauty you have come to expect from the Capogiro gelato case.

Still need a date idea for Valentines Day?  Why not zoidberg?

I mean, Capogiro.  We have the perfect setting for all things date-related.  Our cafe is perfect for a one on one or group date and there are plenty of singles that hang out here too.  Each piccolo comes with two flavors so you and your sweetie can each have a pick.

Looking for something hotter?  ;)
How about a nice, hot, sexy, steamy....cappuccino? cioccolato calda?  macchiato??

For all of you people who are forever alone, come hang out with us!!
(There are plenty of singles about to share your love of Single Awareness Day)

<3 Tori

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