Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arttack of the Vegans!!!

Vegans... Vegans everywhere...

Lately there’s been a lot of talk in the cafe about being vegan.  None of the Capo13 employees are presently vegan but tons of our customers are and several of our former staff members were as well. Not everyone is aware of our many vegan options!!  I informed a customer I served last week that our sorbetti was vegan and she just couldn’t believe it.  So this blog is for all of you poor vegans everywhere who are under the false impression that you cannot enjoy any of our delicious frozen treats or beverages.  If you look in the case you will notice the flavor tags are color coded; blue for gelati (non vegan) and orange for sorbetti (vegan!!!).  Here are some of Capo13’s best in-season vegan sorbetti:

1.  KIWI!!! (by far one of the best things ever and we have it year-round)
2.  Grapefruit Campari
3.  Pomegranate
4.  Lime Cilantro
5.  Caribbean Sunrise Papaya
6.  Cactus Pear
7.  Pineapple Mint
8.  Heirloom Apple
9.  Apple Cider with Clove
10. Clementine/Mandarin
11. Blood Orange!!!

You must try these flavors if you are vegan, you will love them!!  

Not into frozen things??  How about a slice of our VEGAN CHOCOLATE BUNDT CAKE?!?!?  This cake is seriously some of the best I have ever had and you would NEVER guess that it is vegan (but it totally is).  Want a nice steamy hot drink to wash down all that cake and gelato??  We can make any drink with soy!! We can use Silk brand soy milk as a milk alternative to make a latte, cappuccino, cafe macchiato, hot chocolate, mocha, or any other drink!!

So vegans, do not fear, Capogiro has got your back when it comes to dessert :)

<3 Tori

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