Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're so Metro

Just when you thought our panini couldn't get any better, we introduce to you... new bread! That's right, folks, we have switched bread companies and are now in cahoots with Metropolitan Bakery. As of this week, we've begun stacking our prime panini ingredients on their lovely foccacia, ciabatta, baguette, country white, and whole grain bread. They. Are. Amazing. Don't believe me? Come on down and try one for yourself. Enjoy one of our many Grab and Go sandwiches as well (a great idea for those on the go, especially if you're coming in for a morning cup of coffee). I just had the pleasure of gobbling up one of our Smoked Turkey panini, which for those who don't know, is a masterful combination of turkey, local thick-cut bacon, provolone cheese, onion, and Russian dressing, on Metropolitan's rosemary foccacia. HOMAGAWD good. Make it a combo by adding a hearty cup of peasant-style soup on the side.

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